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7 Ways to Personalise Your Custom Bar Mats

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7 Ways to Personalise Your Custom Bar Mats

Custom bar mats are both practical and crucial for bars that want to stand out.
These mats help keep the bar clean and improve the look of the space, matching the bar’s theme and highlighting its unique style.

Customised Bar Mats are perfect for advertising special events or deals and play a big role in making the bar welcoming, which attracts and keeps customers coming back.

By investing in these personalised mats, bars not only look better but also strengthen their brand, encouraging guests to return often. This simple addition can greatly increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Choose the Right Material

Bar mats are essential in bars for two main reasons.
It keeps the place clean and enhances the overall look of the bar and brand.

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When choosing material for bar mats, consider what the bar needs based on how busy it is, its style, the local climate (especially humidity, which can affect coir mats), and the usual customers.
  • Rubber mats are best for purely practical areas like behind the bar because they’re durable and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl is a good choice for areas where you want both function and style because it’s versatile and comes in many designs.
  • Coir mats work well at the entrance, where you want to catch dirt and maintain a natural look.
Each material has its advantages and challenges, so picking the right one can greatly improve both the usefulness and the atmosphere of a bar.

Incorporate Your Logo

Adding your brand logo to bar mats is a smart way to enhance your brand’s identity and visibility while improving the bar’s aesthetic.
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  • Choose colours that match your brand for better visibility, and keep the logo simple to ensure it’s easily recognizable.
  • Use high-quality printing to capture detailed designs, and select designs that complement the mat’s texture.
  • Experiment with different logo sizes to find the most impactful one.
  • For placement, a central logo grabs maximum attention, whereas a corner logo offers a subtler presence. Repeating the logo can strengthen your brand identity from various angles.
Ensure the logo is large enough to be noticeable but not so big that it overwhelms the mat’s design. It should also be clear enough to read from across the bar. Opting for durable materials and easy-to-clean designs will prioritise practicality alongside aesthetics. Paying attention to these details will significantly boost your brand’s visibility and create a more cohesive branding experience.

Utilise Custom Shapes

Custom-shaped bar mats are a great way to brighten up a bar’s decor, grab attention, and perfectly fit into unique corners.

Each eye-catching design boosts the bar’s theme and adds charm, making the whole space more inviting. Ideal for filling odd or uniquely shaped areas, these mats start conversations and leave a lasting impression, combining practicality with style.

Shape of the mat can also create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and enjoy themselves, making them want to come back.

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How to choose the right colour for your bar mats

Choosing the right colour schemes for elements like bar mats is crucial for creating a unified and attractive environment that positively influences customer mood and behaviour.

It’s important to not only think about the aesthetic but also the psychological effects of colour choices. Test these colours under the bar’s lighting and within its setting to ensure they work well in practice before finalising your decision.

Vibrant and energetic
Trendy cocktail bars aiming for a lively atmosphere
Calming and serene
Beachfront bars focused on relaxation and tranquillity
Nature and Eco-friendliness
Rooftop bars with lush greenery and sustainable themes
Cheerful and uplifting
Bars aiming for a vibrant and energetic atmosphere
Luxurious and sophisticated
High-end cocktail lounges with plush seating and dim lighting
Warm and inviting
Sports bars creating a welcoming and sociable atmosphere
Sophisticated and sleek
Chic rooftop bars with minimalist furniture and panoramic views
Clean and minimalist
Sleek cocktail bars with white marble countertops and modern decor
Choosing Between Colorful Material Samples

How to Know What Text or Quotes to Add

Adding inspiring quotes or catchy phrases to bar mats can greatly improve the customer experience by drawing in patrons and making their visit memorable. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on selecting the right font and text size to ensure the words are easy to read and make a strong impact.

Choosing the Right Font

  • Focus on clarity and readability, particularly in dim lighting. Simple sans-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica are ideal.
  • Match the font style to the bar’s personality, whether it’s sleek and modern or more traditional with serif fonts.
  • Steer clear of overly decorative fonts to maintain legibility and ensure consistency in your branding.

Selecting the Right Text Size

  • Text should be visible from a distance; opt for sizes that can be read easily from nearby tables or the bar counter.
  • Maintain proportionality between text size and mat size, with text typically at least an inch high to ensure it stands out.
  • Use a hierarchy in your text display, with key phrases larger or bolder to attract attention.
In conclusion, feel free to play around with different fonts, colours, and sayings on your bar mats to find what fits your bar and interests your customers the most. Trying out various combinations can really bring out your bar’s personality and make visits better for everyone. Experiment to discover the mix that grabs your customers’ attention and makes your place unique. Doing this can make your bar a fun and unforgettable spot that customers love coming back to.