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Designed for specific or dual purpose, mat blokes special purpose mats perform to a very high standard in all their fields, meeting or exceeding australian industry standards

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Our Special Purpose Mats

Custom Rugs

Axminster/hand tufted woolen | rugs

Widely thought to be the most durable, high-performance floor coverings, axminster carpets are machine woven, with each tuft of yarn woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn to create a strong, integrated three-dimensional structure. This robust structure is proven to meet the demands of the heaviest traffic areas in hotels, airports, casinos and exhibition centres.

Our Axminster looms allow for the creation of complex designs with multiple colour and yarn combinations. With endless design possibilities, you can choose to make a bold statement or simply add another layer of textural luxury to an interior.
Axminsters can be supplied as wall-to-wall carpets or rugs.

Choose Axminster/Hand Tufted Rugs for:

  • Distinctive design and unparalleled pattern and colour match
  • Greater comfort underfoot
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved air quality
  • Safety against slips and falls
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Comparably lower cost over the life of the flooring.

Carpet Tiles

Bolyu Carpet Tiles are an attractive, lasting, eco friendly carpet ideal for any commercial property or office space. If you are renovating or your floors are in need of a fresh new look, you won’t find a better quality carpet tile.

  • 5 attractive carpet tile colour options
  • Free carpet tile sample pack available on request
  • Long lasting, premium quality carpet tile
  • Made in USA by a world leading carpet tile manufacturer
  • Eco friendly Carpet Tile with recycled backing
  • Odour reducing technology
  • Polypropylene 100% Nextron® Solution Dyed
  • Modulated loop construction (5mm thick +/- 5%)
  •  Non-woven synthetic backing
  • 610 x 610mm per tile

Acoustic Rubber Matting

As a closed cell product the Mat Blokes Acoustic Underlay RF700 does not let sound through as opposed to car tyre rubber and lesser quality rubber which is granulated and will let sound penetrate through. It proudly meets or exceeds requirements of current BCA for acoustically and installations.

The 700 kilos per cubic metre density of the underlay ensures superior sound proofing.


  • The CSIRO test results can be applied from site to site with no field test required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Minimises construction of floor heights (headroom reduction)
  • Greatly helps to minimise the effects of impact noise through hard floor surfaces
  • RF700 is manufactured using recycled compressed foam rubber
  • No odour when compared with other similar products
  • The product can be recycled again at the end of its work cycle
  • Competitively priced
  • Correct Installation Guide provided

Warranty valid when adhering to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Cleanstep Sticky Mat

Specific for sterile and dust-free areas

Operating Theatres, Cleanrooms, Electronic Function or Processing Areas, Entrances from Workshops to Office Areas

  • Disposable dirt stopper. layered pad has non-transferring adhesive, removes dust, dirt from shoes and wheels
  • As soon as one layer is dirt loaded, tear off and expose a fresh layer.
  • Total of 60 layers per refill pack
  • Non-skid frame holds refill pack.

Gym Matting

Our gym mats are crafted from premium commercial-grade natural rubber, known for its high density, high impact resistance, and strong bonding. These qualities guarantee that the mats can effectively absorb the forces generated during workouts, providing a safe cushioning layer between the user and the solid ground. Our premium gym mats, designed with commercial gym owners in mind, effectively reduce noise and vibration while providing superior protection against falls and impact, ensuring the safety of gym users.


  • Available in a 1 metre square size for convenient installation and arrangement.
  • Reduces noise and vibration, creating a more peaceful workout environment.
  • Reduces noise and vibration, creating a more peaceful workout environment.
  • Made from odourless rubber, ensuring a pleasant workout experience.
  • Easy to install, saving time and effort in gym setup.

Ramp Mats

Our Ramp Mats are expertly crafted from a specialised heavy-duty rubber material, featuring a ribbed anti-slip profile. Designed to excel in both wet and dry conditions, these mats effectively reduce slipping and provide essential injury prevention for livestock. They are particularly well-suited for use on horse floats or transport truck ramps.


  • Boasts an excellent anti-slip surface, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Exhibits high wear resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.
  • Absorbs shock and noise, offering protection to both animals and flooring.
  • Made from high-density natural rubber that does not absorb or retain moisture, discouraging bacterial or fungal growth.
  • They are manufactured using a combination of natural and recycled rubber materials, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Provides injury protection for horses and other livestock.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable, aligning with sustainable and nature-friendly practises.


Uses: Suitable for ramps in wet or dry conditions

Materials: Natural and Recycled Rubber

Thickness: 17mm

Colours: Black

Size: 1230mm x 2100mm

Stable Mat

Our Stable Mat has been thoroughly tested and proven to be of exceptional quality. It is constructed from a specialised heavy-duty rubber material, featuring a slightly cushioned bubble surface. This design not only helps reduce fatigue but also provides traction and prevents slipping.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 1200mm x 1800mm x 16mm (thick)

Weight: 35kg


  • Boasts an excellent anti-slip surface, ensuring stability and safety.
  • Exhibits high wear resistance, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Absorbs shock and noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment while protecting the flooring.
  • Made from high-density natural rubber that does not absorb or retain moisture, and discourages bacterial or fungal growth.
  • The use of 100% natural rubber makes it an environmentally friendly product.

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