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Why Entrance Mats Are Essential for Businesses Year-Round

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Why Entrance Mats Are Essential for Businesses Year-Round

Safety and cleanliness in your business starts the moment someone walks through your front door, and our premium entrance mats are here to guarantee just that. Our high-quality entrance mats offer unrivalled protection and are a robust barrier against slips and falls thanks to their safe and non-slip surface — perfect for all weather conditions.

But the benefits go beyond safety. These mats trap dirt, dust and moisture, keeping your entrance area spotlessly clean and significantly reducing the risk of unwanted dirt spreading into your rooms.

When you select our entrance mats, you are not only prioritising safety, but also maintaining high cleanliness standards and creating a positive first impression right from the entrance. Partner with us to ensure that your establishment is safe, clean, and welcoming.

Enhanced Safety in All Seasons

Transitional Safety
Transitioning from outdoor to indoor environments, especially in commercial and public spaces, poses a risk for slips and falls due to the sudden change in flooring types. Entrance mats act as an intermediate surface that prepares people’s footwear to safely interact with the indoor flooring, whether it’s tile, wood, or carpet.
Dry and Clean Environments
By capturing water, ice, snow, dirt, and debris, entrance mats maintain dryer and cleaner floors, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where the risk of slips and falls increases with the amount of foot traffic.
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Visual Cues
Mats can also serve as visual cues to signal the transition from outdoor to indoor spaces, encouraging people to adjust their walking speed and pay more attention to their footing. This subconscious signal can help reduce the risk of accidents.
Health and Hygiene
By trapping pollutants and allergens, entrance mats contribute to a healthier indoor environment. This indirect benefit supports overall safety by reducing the risk of health-related issues that could also lead to falls, such as respiratory problems or distractions due to discomfort.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensuring the safety of entrances by using effective matting solutions helps businesses comply with health and safety regulations, potentially avoiding legal and financial repercussions associated with workplace accidents.
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Benefit of Entrance Mats During Rainy Seasons

Moisture Absorption

High-quality entrance mats are designed to absorb water effectively, reducing the amount of moisture and water that gets tracked inside. This is crucial during rainy seasons when the volume of water brought in by shoes and umbrellas can significantly increase. Mats with high absorption capacities minimise the risk of slippery floors, which are a primary cause of slip-and-fall accidents.

Hydrasorb Entrance Mats Absorbs water exceptionally well, retaining moisture in wet conditions and drying quickly afterwards.

Slip Resistance
Good entrance mats are backed with non-slip materials that keep the mat firmly in place on the floor, preventing the mat itself from becoming a tripping hazard. This feature is essential during wet conditions when the floor’s surface can become slick.

Waterhorse Regular Entrance Mats Mat movement is controlled to help avoid slips

Waterhorse Regular
Scraping Functionality

Mats with textured surfaces help in scraping off mud, dirt, and debris from shoes. During rainy seasons, shoes can carry larger amounts of these materials, and removing them at the entrance helps in keeping indoor floors clean and dry, further reducing slip risks.

Wayfarer Backed Designed with a unique mesh pattern that traps dirt, keeping it secure until it is cleaned.

Wayfarer Backed

Maintaining Cleanliness and Hygiene

Entrance mats are designed not only to enhance safety but also to significantly reduce cleaning costs and maintain a hygienic environment by trapping dirt, dust, and moisture. This process involves several mechanisms and features of the mats themselves:
Scraping Surface
Many entrance mats have a textured or rough surface designed to scrape dirt and debris off the soles of shoes as people walk over them. This surface can range from ribbed patterns to rubberised bristles or coarse fibres, all of which are effective at removing larger particles of dirt and mud that could otherwise be tracked indoors.
Absorbent Materials
Mats often incorporate absorbent materials like cotton, microfiber, or polypropylene in their design. These materials are capable of soaking up water and moisture, preventing puddles from forming at entrances and reducing the amount of moisture that makes its way onto indoor flooring. Absorbent mats are particularly crucial in rainy conditions or in environments like pool areas where water accumulation is a common issue.
Non-Slip Backing
The backing of entrance mats is usually made from rubber or another non-slip material to keep the mat firmly in place. While primarily a safety feature, this also ensures that the mat can effectively do its job without bunching up or sliding, which could otherwise allow dirt and moisture to slip past.
Dust Trapping
Finer fibres in some mats are designed to trap dust and smaller particles. This is particularly important in drier climates or in environments where air quality is a concern, as it can prevent dust from being kicked up and circulated through the building.

Choosing the Right Entrance Mat for Your Business

  • Estimate the average daily foot traffic your entrance experiences. High-traffic areas need durable, high-performance mats that can withstand constant use without degrading quickly.
  • Entrance mats are often rated for low, medium, or high traffic. Select a mat that matches your traffic volume to ensure longevity and effectiveness.
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